Product Demos


Enhanced Video Content

We can take your training and sales presentations to the next level.  Put your audience in the mood to listen and reach them at their convenience.  Go beyond video to fully immersive 3D animations, audience interaction and concise, to-the-point messaging.

Self-Guided Product Demos & Training

Put your best foot forward once and share it with the world 24/7.  Video marketing is always working for you, if you recognize how to use it to your organization’s strengths. We can make the process painless!

  • Product Walk-Throughs: Get prospects involved with step-by-step guidance that naturally engages your audience.  Easily switch from video to self-guided content in the same presentation!
  • One-Click Sales Aids: Your sales staff will go wild for our interactive demonstrations.  Take the guess-work and stress out of client presentations by putting the presentation on autopilot.  Would your sales reps be more attentive to client needs if they felt more confident in their ability to professionally demonstrate your products and solutions?  Absolutely!
  • Scorable Training:  We can create simple quizzes that test for learning comprehension that seamless complement our totally interactive training modules.  Get real-time feedback about who’s using your tutorials and how effective they are.  We can use the same method to guide customers through a consultative sales process that they customize based on their own preferences!

Modernize Your Existing Content

Whether you want to teach your staff, existing customers or potential opportunities, engaging instructional video helps portray your business as experts and can potentially save you thousands in ongoing sales and training expenses  Whether you want material created new or to simply update your existing content we’ll show you how to maximize your return and minimize your financial and time commitment!

  • PowerPoint to “Wow!”:  How many dry powerpoint presentations have you seen in your career?  We can take that information and make it truly engaging.   Breathe new life into old presentations and utilize your content outside of the office by sharing it online 24/7.
  • Content Resurrection: If you’ve already spent money on video, photography and web assets but haven’t seen the results you wanted, don’t despair!  We’ll help you identify your goals and show you how to better target your underperforming assets.  And if they’re lacking pizzazz we can give them a makeover. . .
  • Make your Training Repeatable:  If you’ve got a process that works then you should make it work for you.  Stop using your best employees’ time to give the same presentation again and again.  Let us adopt your curriculum for the web and put your staff (or clients who need product support) through an interesting learning experience.

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