Video Testimonials

Let your satisfied clients and your passion for excellence shine through to every potential customer!

  • Client Testimonials: The strongest case for your business.   We can help you leverage your client base, define your objectives and provide detailed direction to create sincere messaging that will truly resonate.
  • Company Introductions: Messaging from your executives and the service providers your customers will work with are powerful tools to build a connection between your organization and the marketplace.
  • Case Studies:  Discuss your biggest successes with us.  We can tell the world about what you’re most proud of in an exciting format that builds value and teaches prospects exactly how you can hit another home-run for them.

Marketing Videos

Put your best foot forward once and share it with the world 24/7.  Video marketing is always working for you, if you recognize how to use it to your organization’s strengths. We can make the process painless!

  • Corporate Overviews: Tell your company’s story in an exciting format.  Whether you want to promote yourself to potential employees, customers or internally, we can help you get people excited about what you do.
  • Video Press Releases: If you’ve got big news there’s no better way to share it with the world than in video format.  Your video can stand alone on your website or we can share it online to raise awareness and drive traffic back to your homepage.
  • Product Demonstrations:  There’s no better way to sell your products and services than to show them in action.  We’ll integrate sales, marketing and your own identity to help you capture that perfect demonstration.   Then we’ll make sure everybody in the world knows about it!

Instructional Videos

Whether you want to teach your staff, existing customers or potential opportunities, engaging instructional video helps portray your business as experts and can potentially save you thousands in ongoing sales and training expenses  Whether you want material created new or to simply update your existing content we’ll show you how to maximize your return and minimize your financial and time commitment!

  • Video Tutorials:  Sometimes you want to share something in-depth.  You might intend potential customers to see how easy  your product is to use, or maybe you’d like existing customers to have a source of support they can access on their own 24 hours a day.  We’ll design the tutorial according to your goals and show you how easy it is to “shoot once and share forever.”
  • Orientation & Training: Consistent results require everyone being on the same page.  You can spend thousands of dollars in man-hours and dedicated training classes each year, or we can help you document your training in an engaging, fully-interactive learning experience.  We can even build short quizzes that update you on progress automatically!
  • Animated Motion Graphics:  No one wants to watch a powerpoint!  Keep your audience’s attention and make a meaningful impact by presenting yourself and your products in stunning 3D.  We can even revamp your existing powerpoint decks to look fantastic and keep your audience focused.

Event Documentation

We’re completely mobile!  We love going on location to corporate retreats, non-profit fundraisers, private events and public festivals.  Whether you want to capture the events of the day or stream them live we can handle the technical details and help you focus on putting your best foot forward.

  • On-Location Videography:  Whether you want photos or videos, we know how to frame the big day (or week) in an exciting narrative. Capture your corporate retreats, conventions, special events and more and share them to a variety of audiences:  your staff, your customers and the customers you’d like to get to know.
  • Streaming Video: Whether you want to share an important speech with those who can’t be there or want to interact with your audience in real-time, we have the technology and know-how to deliver without fail.

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