Rebecca Case
Rebecca Case, Owner
Rebecca is an experienced producer and production operations manager with a strong background in both agency and corporate content production. She offers deep industry experience in advertising, marketing, talent development, mixed reality, live events and activations, in addition to narrative film production.
She currently serves as the President of the Dallas Producers Association, a North Texas-based non-profit organization that advocates for and provides a community for film professionals in the area. She is also the Operations Director for the Oak Cliff Film Festival, a regional film festival that supports the neighborhood of Oak Cliff and brings brazen, independent films to Dallas that would not otherwise screen in this market.
Rebecca works in video production primarily, and crafts with stained glass and other mediums whenever possible. She’s an avid architectural preservationist, who lives in and advocates for her neighborhood, the Dallas historic district of Junius Heights.


We offer comprehensive video & media production for your project or organization.

Video Production & Photography

Professional video production and photography through creative storytelling and impactful messaging.

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Web design for lead generation and system integration.

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We can take your training and sales presentations to the next level.


Video Hosting & Viewer Behavior

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Tips on Planning Your Next Video Project

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Message Integration

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